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Slow Foot Music is a company launched by Italian bassist and composer Massimiliano Rolff in 2020, with the intention of covering all the commercial aspects of his music, from production to booking and promotion. After a couple of years of good work marked by the successful organization of many European tours and the production of two acclaimed new albums with an evident promotional growth, in 2023 drummer Antonio Fusco joins the company nurturing new prospects for the future.

Slow Foot Music intends to produce and promote music with a “slow” and high-quality attitude in order to prevent the disappearance of quality music within cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the cheap and commercial music entertainment.
We believe that music is tied to many other aspects of life, including culture, politics, and the environment. Through our cultural choices, we can collectively influence our lives and have a better world as a result.


Massimiliano Rolff

Massimiliano Rolff's music, founded on a deep knowledge of the jazz tradition combined with a personal taste for composition, has become in recent years a point of reference for many lovers of jazz music in Italy and in Europe.
Appreciated composer and refined arranger, Massimiliano Rolff in the last 20 years has played continuously in the best Jazz Clubs and Festivals in Europe, the Americas and Asia, as leader and alongside some of the most important jazz players on the international scene, releasing nine albums as composer and dozens as a sideman.

His style on jazz double bass performance, has been often reviewed as an outstanding personal alchemy of modern lyrical swinging sound and received important feedbacks from audiences and international critics.

Massimiliano Rolff is highly respected as one of the most active independent music producer in the Italian jazz scene, in 2008 he founded with other musicians the Count Basie Jazz Club in Genoa, and since 2010 he is jazz teacher in many Italian Conservatories.

Founder of Slow Foot Music, he covers the position of promotion manager , web developer and coordinator for tour booking.


Antonio Fusco

Italian drummer, composer, and educator Antonio Fusco has created a name for himself across the globe as a versatile, abundantly creative, and mindful musical presence on the jazz scenes throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.
He is known for his approach to drumming that can be both delicate and nuanced, or fiery and bombastic, while always serving whatever musical setting he is in.
His deep knowledge of the drums and the innate mastery of various musical languages has enabled Antonio Fusco to record over 39 albums as a side-man, and six albums as leader and co-leader.
His love of music was nurtured at the early age of 10, soon enough Antonio would be touring throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, collaborating with musicians from many walks of life and musical genres, ranging from jazz, rock, funk, pop, blues, and avant-garde styles.
Fusco is currently performing his music and collaborating with esteemed artists throughout Massimiliano Rolff Trio Gerdhwin On Air, Tino Tracanna Plamede Q, while also sharing his love for jazz drumming and education on the Asian platform Jazz World.

For Slow Foot Music, Antonio Fusco covers the position of social media coordinator, press office management and tour booking coordinator.

Elena Moroni

For Slow Foot Music, Elena Moroni is in charge of business and office administration, web production, booking management and tour planning.
She holds a master degree in art history and years of experience in group management and web development.
Elena speaks fluent English, German and, of course, Italian.

Slow Foot Music

Slow Foot Music is an indipendent company of booking and communication that brings music and artistic projects to venues, festivals, and fan bases around the globe.

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