Peaceful Soul

Antonio Fusco Quintet

Antonio Fusco, Drums
Emiliano Vernizzi, Tenor Sax
David Pastor, Trumpet
Michal Ciesielski, Piano
Massimiliano Rolff, Double Bass

The Antonio Fusco Quintet’s recent release, “Peaceful Soul” is a passionate and nuanced tapestry that is inspired by the jazz and classical traditions of Asian, Afro-American and European music, while still feeling deeply personal and grounded. Fusco’s masterful compositions combine his own unique experiences and the cultures of many communities, using delicately textured rhythms and serene yet escalating melodies to tell his stories.

The duality of what makes a “Peaceful Soul” seems to revolve around the balance of tranquility and moments of intensity. On one hand, the spirited opener “18th Floor” was inspired by a state of panic when Fusco was caught in an earthquake while composing at his piano in his 18th Floor apartment in Hangzhou, China. The driving hard-bop feel and blistering improvised solos mimic this feeling of chaos amongst what was otherwise a quiet moment.

Each member of the european-based quintet is featured bothindividually and as a whole, creating not just a band, but the sound of a thriving musical community. The floating and impassioned horn melodies (David Pastor tpt, Emiliano Vernizzi– tenor sax) and pointillistic piano motifs (Michal Ciesielski) are masterfully supported by the both tender and fiery drums and bass (Antonio Fusco – d, Massimiliano Rolff- b), coming together to capture the wistfulness, contemplativeness, and energy that makes a “Peaceful Soul.”

“Peacefoul Soul” is an ode to a salvific intimate seraphic state, a polychromatic album with poetic nuances of European origin (specifically Nordic), but also enriched with highly swinging moments (18th Floor, Evidence, Blues for Hangzhou, and Take the Coltrane). It is an album that highlights the importance of its themes, the pronounced aesthetic sense, and the commendable narrative and descriptive abilities of Antonio Fusco and his four brilliant fellow travelers. Stefano Dentice – Soundcontest Magazine

This is a type of jazz that is recorded on numerous albums each year by American labels. And “Peaceful Soul” is certainly among the most intriguing ones. It is an album that can be enjoyed effortlessly, like a perfectly executed recording, thanks in no small part to Hocker’s excellent trumpet work. Jan Granlie – Salt Peanutz Magazine – Norway 

Just to define the setting, considering the lineup and the music, we are within the realm of quintets that made labels like Blue Note famous in the distant past. If I were to give a more recent reference, it would be Tony Williams’ quintet from the 1980s, meaning well-composed jazz with highly melodic themes, excellently performed, capable of reconstructing the spirit of that music while renewing it with new compositions. Alessandro Nobis – Il Diapason Blog 

He optimises and assimilates finely chosen fractions from the tradition, adding some personal touches.”  Georges Tonla

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